What are the prices for diving in Cuba?

Scuba Dives in CubaConditions are perfect for diving enthusiasts in Cuba. It is an island surrounded by incredible underwater beauties, beautiful beaches, often untouched, with extremely protected marine ecosystems, and diving centers along its coastline, which makes it very easy to practice this sport.

What are the prices for diving in Cuba?

The prices you will find will be in correspondence with the number of dives you want to perform. These are relatively stable in all regions of the country, either on the north or south coasts.

At the International Diving Center Maria La Gorda (north coast), in westernmost Pinar del Rio province, for example, an experienced diver who wants to perform 20 dives must pay 410 USD and price include renting tanks, weights, boat and a diver guide. In this case it is necessary to present an accreditation or license. Available for rent are suits, masks, fins, regulators and night diving equipment for 35 USD per booking plus 5 USD per person as ” service assistance by the national receptive”.

If you are a lover of keys, your best destination is the resort area Jardines del Rey, where bookings are offered with a minimum of 10 dives (252 USD) or the purchase of a package, either lodging, rental car or others. Included in this price are: diving guide, tanks, weights, vests, wetsuit, mask, fins, boat and transfer from the hotel to the dive center (round trip).

Scuba Dives InitiationFor beginners, or in those cases where you do not have a license or accreditation, courses are offered in diving centers in its various forms: open sea (347 USD), advanced (172 USD), oxygenation (247 USD) and rescue (172 USD). Those who enroll then obtain an international certification, and access to a diving instructor, boat, equipment, kit with educational materials and other materials, classroom lessons, exercises in the pool and immersions in the sea.

If you go on a diving trip, you can choose between two options, the state offers or particular renting houses or hostels. Many tourists prefer private accommodation rental in Cuba. The offers from private landlords are cheaper than the Cuban state hotels. Generally a rental house can cost between 25 and 80 USD per bedroom and many owners have high conditions of comfort and privacy. We recommend the website: travel.thecubanhouses.com

This will be your opportunity to experience the most amazing adventures with a visit to sunken ships, to extensive coral reefs, caves, tunnels, walls; and also for interact with marine fauna, which include Caribbean sharks.

Follow the link and practice diving in Varadero, the town has incredible seabed and numerous international courses for beginners as the Open Water Diver

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