The 10 essential rules for safe diving


1. Plan your dives, use your knowledge and be conservative to avoid problems that may arise. Follow the Plan dive.

2. Make sure you have the proper equipment in good technical conditions for the type of dive you have planned.

3. Keep good physical and mental condition.

safe-dive4. Always dive with a partner and avoid getting lost or separate from it. Your partner is your alternative air source.

5. Follow depth limits for which you are trained and certified. Dive according to your level and experience.

6. Diving within the “security curve” without decompression stops and safety stop not skip: three minutes at five meters.

7. During the dive frequently check their air supply.

8. Relax and enjoy, do not forget to breathe deep, steady and slowly during the dive.

9. Respect the environment and avoid unsuitable contacts with the background and the beings that inhabit..

10. Wait for a reasonable time before flying safety or climb altitudes after diving.



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