Diving in the Ancon Beach, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus

Diving in the Ancon Beach, Trinidad
In the Ancon peninsula, Trinidad, in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, there is a network of comfortable hotels and a diving center of great prestige. Here you will find an excellent way to satisfy your diving thirst in a beautiful area of the island of Cuba. From its shore to Blanco Key a narrow platform stretches with a sandy bottom, populated by coral formations that reach sometimes 5 meters of height.

There are also caves, tunnels and narrow channels that will not let you regret the visit. Ancon has a large variety of tropical fish, marine sponges, jellyfish and more than 40 species of corals, including the black corals.

You can enjoy diving in three specific areas: the first, with a narrow and well-defined platform terraces; the second, where it descends in steps, and the third, with two sites near Blanco Key. The fauna is very typical, remarkable for the long sponges of different colors and sizes.

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