Scuba Diving in Guajimico, Cienfuegos

Scuba Diving in Guajimico, Cienfuegos

Guajimico village is located on the southern coast of Cuba, halfway between two of the most beautiful and historically important colonial cities in the Caribbean: Cienfuegos and Trinidad. It is an ecological village, and undisputed diving paradise. The town (with an aboriginal name) is also very picturesque as you will find a paradise of seabed, abundant variety of fish, attractive forests, caves and small hidden beaches.

The village was built on a mountainside, with its own diving center where courses for amateurs and professionals are offered. There are 16 dive sites in a narrow strip, three of which are for beginners and the rest are mainly for wall diving.

Guajimico is ideal for those who want to combine diving with the tranquility of the Cuban countryside; away from the noise of the city and make great dives from a boat called La Dama Azul … From the vicinity you can enjoy a spectacular view destination overview of the Escambray mountains.

Coral reefs located near the shore are home to a variety of marine life. The dive center is certified by CMAS and all its activities include boat transfer, quality equipment and weights.

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