Diving in Santa Maria Key, Jardines del Rey


One of the most famous tourist destinations in Cuba for diving is the Santa Maria Key, at King´s Gardens archipelago, just north of the central Villa Clara province, where Nature has spilled beauty both above and below the waters.

Three keys make up a close system: Santa Maria, Ensenachos and Las Brujas, and divers who choose this area find under the sea an unparalleled wealth with spectacular views, where thousands of colorful fish inhabit the most beautiful coral formations.. Divers can either go to the diving center or take a boat for an excursion to nearby keys, with dozens of diving sites.

The most important sites are: Palo Quemado (45 meters, with a rocky coral esplanade at 16-17 meters deep) La Tavaiba (40 meters, not too deep at first, but then falls into an almost vertical wall), Las Almedinas (40 meters, that ends in a sandy, almost horizontal flat area) among others.

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