Diving in Santa Lucia beach

Diving in Santa Lucia

In the northeastern region of Cuba, in Camagüey´s province there is a beach that offers a variety of options for lovers of the seabed. The 20 km long coastline of Santa Lucia is protected by one of the best preserved coral reefs in the world.

It has about 40 dive sites. They have attractions such as shipwrecks, remains of a Spanish fort from colonial times, numerous fish and sharks. Sharks Friends is the name of the dive center to look when you reach the resort.

The preferred places for divers in the region are: Poseidon I-VI (18-32 meters, 6 dive sites with marine terraces, sea fans, sponges, corals, and tiny coral fish); Our Lady Virgin of Altagracia (27 meters with an iron ship dating from the early twentieth century, next to a wall that falls straight into the abyss); Mortera (27 meters, with remnants of a Spanish merchant nineteenth century); and Punto de los tiburones (30 meters deep with sharks 2 to 3 meters long).

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