Diving in Cayo Largo, Cuba. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling excursions

Diving in Cayo Largo. Cuba
Cayo Largo is located east of Isla de la Juventud and is considered one of the best options for diving enthusiasts. The services provided are strictly for foreigners and is exquisitely prepared for divers and tourists. Hence they provide even the smallest detail in the hotel and boats.

Discerning divers see it as a great challenge to visit more than 32 sites and marine archaeological sites. The diving area is divided into three areas: the first is the nearest to the cay with channels that descend from 18 to about 33 meters; the second near Cayo Rosario, with large mazes formed by corals; and the third adjacent to Cayo Sigua and Cayo Blanco with stunning tubular sponges and black coral colonies.

Pristine beaches, solitude and overwhelming privacy offer facilities for lovers of marine nature to achieve harmony with the ecosystem. Cayo Largo is recognized worldwide as the usual destination of naturists coexisting perfectly with people that love going topless and practice nudism.

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