About Cuba

Havanan pier

Important to know about Cuba

Cuba famous for its cigars and rum, is the largest island of the Greater Antilles. And it offers beautiful beaches, fascinating history, culture, ecological wonders and more. Cuba has one of the best conservation plan for ecosystems; which makes you feel every diving as the first ever in each site as you enjoy the paradise of coral reefs, walls, different species of sponges and fish in Cuban waters.

Capital: Havana.
Language: Spanish.
Currency: Cuban Pesos (CUP) for locals and for tourists Convertible Cuban Pesos (USD).
Population: Approx. 11,500,000.
Climate: Mostly temperate with rains from December to May and hurricane warning between June and November.

Other tours, in addition to diving in Cuba

Lots to do on the island. In many places there are the cigars and rum factories, nightclubs Salsa (Cuban dance) and tours around the city which include both: the histoy and culture of colonial times and those of the Revolution. Visiting Havana, capital of Cuba, it is an excursion that we hihgly recommend.

Where to dive in Cuba

The island of Cuba has hundreds of kilometers of pristine beaches, small islands and unexplored underwater land. It has been mentioned that Cuba´s diving jewels can be found in the middle section of the south coast (Manzanillo Playa Giron). This area includes the best dive sites in the Isle of Youth and Jardines de la Reina. These sites have nothing to envy to the “Top Dive Sites” of the world.

Information for Diving in Cuba

With average visibility of 30 to 40 meters / 100-133 feet) and water temperatures 26-29 ° C / 78-85ºF. The warm, clear and calm diving conditions are consistent throughout the year; except through the hurricane season (June to November) that may cause to cancel some of diving days.