Diving on the Isla de la Juventud

Diving in Isla de La Juventud

Having many dive sites that have not been visited for a period of two decades is an excellent reason to venture diving in the Isla de la Juventud in the archipelago of Los Canarreos, south of the main island. This area always delights divers with surprising findings.

The seabed is totally unspoiled, with white sand and clear waters. You will also have the opportunity to visit cays, mangrove swamps and totally uncharted islands made of rocks, which will make it a unique experience. In the southwest of Isla de la Juventud, you might take the adventure of visiting the ecological reserve Punta Francés, with a large area of dives.

A marine fauna of great beauty, deep channels surrounded by coral reefs and sunken ships are some of the attractions that awaits you. They complement the charm of the ecosystem, multiple colonies of sponges and sea fans of dissimilar shapes and colors.

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