Diving in Cayo Coco: the diversity of underwater riches

Diving in Cayo Coco
Cayo Coco is one of the most attractive islands of Cuba and although it has already become famous for its luxury tourist facilities and the peaceful environment; it is also considered one of the best options for lovers of marine life and diving in Cuba. You only need to get to the province Ciego de Avila and head to the group of keys known as King´s Gardens (Jardines del Rey).

The diving area of Cayo Coco is characterized by its diversity of underwater scenery, perfect visibility thanks to the transparency of the waters and the whiteness of its sand. They are impressive coral formations. They extend over 40 km and diving there is a unique experience, for beginners or experienced divers.

Its greatest charm lies in its rich marine fauna: many call the site a “natural aquarium”. It also has an abundance of sponges, sea fans and different species of corals, so it is a place you must visit if you are looking for beauty and authenticity of the seascape in Cuba, difficult to find in the entire Caribbean Sea Basin.

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